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1/4 Beef Share

1/4 Beef Share

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Your Quarter Beef Package Includes;

  • 40% Premium Ground Beef: 36-48 lbs. in convenient 1 lb packages  blend
  • 35% Savory Cuts: Roasts, packages of stew meat
  • 25% Steaks: Sirloin Tips, Top Sirloins, New York Strips, Rib Eyes, Tenderloin, and one or two of the following 'odd cuts' too few for every box:  Skirt, Flank, OR Tri-Tip.

Your patience will be rewarded as our dedicated team of experts diligently works to prepare your order. Orders ship quarterly with the next shipment starting in October. Our meticulous care results in unparalleled tenderness and depth of flavor, transforming your meal into a masterpiece.

Indulge in the anticipation and delight as your order is prepared. When the moment of its delivery finally arrives, savor every succulent bite, knowing that you have embraced a culinary experience rooted in authenticity and sustainability.

Reserve your portion today, and prepare to embark on a truly extraordinary mouth watering adventure.

100% Guarantee
We put a lot of work into serving you. 
We get that buying food online is tough (and as ranchers, we hate tough). 
You're putting a lot of trust in us, and we want you to be a customer for life. 

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Discover our "Texas Insp. & Psd. 1585" certified meat. Guaranteed premium quality in every bite.

Our meat is also U.S.D.A. inspected.